'The Club shall be named, in full, 'The Craft Luncheon Club for Gentlemen of Mild
Demeanour and Habits" and may be addressed as "The Craft Lunch" in the
shortened form.
There will be two categories of members:
i) Ordinary - who may vote.
ii) Permacrafter - who may not vote
The Members of the Club shall gather - with the intention of enjoying fine drinks,
food and informal conversation in a temperate manner - on the last Friday of
each calendar month at venues all over Bangkok. Another day may be
substituted in any month if, in the opinion of the Chairman, there is likely to be a
conflict with other important events such as Public Holidays.
Membership shall be restricted to the founder members and new members
limited to a total number of twenty ordinary members, duly balloted before a
quorum of the members. A quorum is defined as a majority of the ordinary
membership. A motion can be adopted if the majority of those present approve.
The Chairman will hold a ballot at a minimum of twice a year, (i.e.
June/December). The ballot will be announced one month prior to the date with
member submitting candidates with in a two-week period. Candidates will be
announced in the lunch invitation.
An ordinary member wishing to propose a candidate for membership shall
announce the name of the candidate to the assembled members giving his
explanations to the candidate's suitability and temperament. The ordinary
members, by way of a secret ballot, shall indicate their views by marking on a
piece of paper with:
A Black Ball indicates rejection of the candidate
A White Ball indicates acceptance of the candidate
Nothing indicates his abstention
A candidate receiving one Black Ball at the time of his proposal may not become
a member of the club but may be proposed again on another occasion.
A candidate receiving two or more Black Balls either at the time of his proposal
or in aggregate upon further nomination may not become a member of the club
nor may his name be proposed again.
A candidate who receives abstentions totalling more than 40% of those balloting
shall not become a member but may be proposed again. In the event that a
candidate's nomination is deferred on 3 occasions under this abstention rule he
shall not be proposed again.
All candidates proposed for ordinary membership shall be residents of Bangkok
in the Kingdom of Thailand.
A member may invite two guests to each gathering of the club and shall inform
the Chairman of his intention to invite a guest at least two days prior to the
gathering. An individual guest may not attend more than 4 lunches in any twelvemonth
Bangkok and up-country residents may be invited. Bangkok residents may attend
as a guest for up to four lunches in any calendar year in order to network with
members prior to balloting.
The following are not permitted to attend as guests:
• Ladies and children under the age of 18
• Individuals who have been proposed and blackballed
There will be no dress code per se, however it is understood, that the members
dress according to the expectations of the management of the venue. Dress code
is relaxed smart/casual and those attending (members and guests) should be
required to wear long trousers and a shirt with a collar. Any member or guest
attending wearing a “T” Shirt (short sleeved, round-necked shirt with no collar)
will not be allowed to join the lunch and fined Baht 500.00. Uniform (no sword),
or national dress allowed.
A member may be removed from ordinary membership of the Club if he fails to
attend three consecutive gatherings without good cause. Members who inform
the Chairman of their expected absence in advance of three months or more but
no more than six months will be exempt. The decision to remove shall be made
by a show of hands of the members and the member in question shall be
removed by a majority vote of the members present at a quorate meeting. Upon
removal from the ordinary members list, the member may lobby to be elected to
the Permacrafters list if he so wishes.
The following shall be considered offences and shall be punished by the fine
a) A member failing to wear proper attire the luncheon gatherings shall be fined
Baht 500.00.
b) A member bringing a cell phone into the Dining Room shall switch it to silent.
If he fails to silence the cell phone and it rings aloud - at any time before the
departure of the last member - he shall be fined Baht 100.00 on each
occasion it rings. Members shall be liable for the fines incurred by their
guests under this clause. All cell phone calls must be taken outside the Dining
Room; failure to do so will incur a fine of Baht 100.00
c) A member who fails to arrive at a luncheon gathering within 45 minutes of
the designated starting time (12:30 pm) shall be penalised by paying for one
bottle of wine chosen by the Chairman so long as the cost of the bottle does
not exceed Baht 1,800.00. By the same token a member who does or does
not attend having previously indicated he would or would not, or has not
answered the invite, shall incur a penalty of one bottle of Calvados.
d) A member whose photograph appears in the Bangkok Tatler, Big Chilli,
Bangkok Penthouse or Expat Ladies in Bangkok shall be fined Baht 500.00 per
image unless the photograph is published in connection with his business.
Any dispute resulting from this clause shall be decided by a majority vote of a
quorum of one half of the ordinary members and there shall be no appeal
against their decision.
e) Notwithstanding that it is the intention of the Club to hold its gatherings in a
relaxed and felicitous manner, it is imperative that the members uphold their
public image as Gentlemen of mild habits and decorum.
Therefore, any action by a member within the confines of the luncheon
which causes revulsion "in extremis" to other members and/or undue
embarrassment to club guests or attendant staff by causing offence to other
members or guests either through arrogance, aggression, unwarranted
pomposity, being over-argumentative for no apparent reason, or being of a
manner that is not conducive to CRAFT fellowship, the member may be
subject to a motion for censure. This shall be put to a vote of a quorate
meeting, and should the vote by a simple majority find the member in
contravention of the rules, the offending member shall be liable to
suspension for a period of time of no less than three months to be
determined at the time of the vote by the ordinary members.
At the expiry of the suspension period the membership may take a vote on
expulsion of the member before a quorate meeting. Should the vote, by a
simple majority, find the member guilty he shall be expelled from the club
forthwith and his name shall never again be put forward for membership.
As and when a member is subject to a fine he shall pay the sum involved
immediately to the Club Treasurer who shall place it in the Club’s Treasury. On an
annual basis the accumulated funds shall be used to subsidise the costs of the
Annual Christmas luncheon.
The articles (herein) may be amended or added to at any time by a majority vote
of a quorum of one half of the members.
A Permacraft member is identified as a member who has resigned from the
ordinary membership of CRAFT due to either his inability to attend regular CRAFT
luncheons, leaving the country or relocating outside the city.
Permacraft members shall be elected by a show of hands of the ordinary
members and the Permacraft member in question shall be elected by a majority
vote of the members present so long as there is a quorum of one half of the
ordinary members present.
Permacraft membership should be no more than half of the total of the CRAFT
membership at the time of transferring a CRAFT member to the status of
Permacraft. (In the case of an odd number, the lesser applies)
In the event that a Permacrafter has not attended a CRAFT luncheon for 12
consecutive months or he wishes to resign from the position of Permacrafter,
then he will be removed from Permacraft membership making way for any
Officers of the Club shall normally include the following:
Any other position considered necessary by the Membership Officers of the Club
hold their position at the indulgence of the members who may remove the
officers by a simple majority vote of the membership giving two calendar months
notice of such removal. By the same token, any member may volunteer for the
position of any of the Officers of the club., such position to be confirmed by a
simple majority vote of the membership. In the event that more than one
member volunteers for the same position there shall be an election where each
member shall cast a single vote for a single candidate, the winner being that
candidate who receives the most votes.
Officers of the Club:
Co-Chairmen, Patrick Gauvain / Richard Ellis
Treasurer, Nick Pelly